Great, Another Dating Complication to Obsess Over

We at CollegeCandy acknowledge, respect and empathize with the fact that texting guys is hard. Like super hard. Like harder than your second half, second semester Trig prerequisite hard. You don’t want to be too short, but you don’t want to write a novel. You want to show your personality with emojis, but you don’t want to come off as a 7-year-old iPhone neophyte. It’d be easier to just pick up the phone and – hmm, I don’t know – call your crush, right? But nope. We all engage in textual acts.
Meredith Haggerty of The Date Report gave us another facet of the dating game to worry about. She wrote about The Gray Ratio, or a surefire indicator that tells you if you’re iMessaging your boo a little too much.
#teamiPhone, try it out right now: open up your conversation thread with your crush. If a cursory glance shows that your blue (or green) bubbles outnumber the gray ones to the left, then you might be losing.

[Image via The Date Report]
Like so.
“A low gray ratio implies that you are over-texting or being too attached, too needy, or just too damn wordy,” Haggerty wrote.
Welp. There it is. Now pardon me as I purge my entire text history.
Read more about The Gray Ratio here.
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