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12 Crazy Rubik’s Cubes That Will Make Your Brain Hurt


rubik's cube

The Rubik’s Cube is celebrating its 40th anniversary today and the colorful cube has evolved quite a bit since its invention in 1974. Hungarian professor of architecture and sculptor Erno Rubik invented the cube as a teaching tool for students to understand 3D objects. Rubik wanted to create a cube with moving parts without structurally falling apart. Reportedly, Rubik didn’t realize he had invented a puzzle until he tried to put the shape back into its original order.  It was originally called the “Magic Cube” in Hungary but became The Rubik’s Cube in North America.

The puzzle can be solved with an algorithm, which is why it became something of a phenomenon resulting in speed cubing competitions and general nerding out. Aside from making me an incredibly frustrated child and giving me false hope whenever I got all the blues to one side, the Rubik’s cube has been reinterpreted into even more complicated shapes. This kind of “game” is for a special kind of person whose brain probably functions much better than mine. For me and maybe even some of you, these Rubik’s Cubes will make your head explode.

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