7 Apps to Help You Combat Stress and Become More Mindful




Meditation, mindfulness and relaxation aren’t the first words that spring to mind when I think of my iPhone. In fact, most of my interactions with technology are full of stress, whether I’m desperately trying to get my inbox to refresh or becoming increasingly irritable at every drop in signal or adjustment in wifi service.

As this viral video shows, our generation is currently very guilty of three things: 1. Spending way too much time staring at screens; 2. Being mentally checked out from the world around us; and 3. Mentally checking out from OURSELVES as a result.

Let’s start using one of our bad habits for good. Turns out, there are quite a few apps that will transform your evil phone into a force of well-being, focusing on relieving your stress and guiding you through steps on the path to mindfulness. Here are ten of the best:

1. Headspace – This app is awesome for people who have never meditated or tried self-hypnosis before, mostly because it’s very easy and to the point. There’s no fancy spiritual talk or awkward chanting of self-belief mantras, instead just providing ten minutes of guided meditation, designed for ten minutes per day, everyday. No excuses, even the busiest person in the world can take ten minutes a day to relax and focus on themselves.

2. Stop, Breathe, and Think – A really pretty app that asks you to check in with how you actually feel and then prescribes a guided meditation program to match your mood.

3. GPS 4 Soul – Created by the Huffington Post, this app pairs guided meditation sessions with soothing visuals. I found the visual element very helpful for regulating my breathing and loved the range of guides; it has everything from more motivational tasks to work on self-acceptance.

4. Buddhify ($2.99) – This app is best for multi-taskers or anyone who can’t be bothered to set aside time just to relax. You select what you’re currently doing (working out, walking to work, etc) and it chooses the perfect meditation track.

5. Simply Being – Easy guided meditation sessions with nice nature sounds. You can choose from different meditation lengths, which is great for fitting it into your daily schedule.

6. Mindfulness Meditation ($1.99) – Download Mindfulness Meditation if you’re really committed to becoming mindful and like being super organized. The app features an eight week program, body scans, and detailed instructions for relaxation.

7. Mindshift – The best app I’ve ever seen for people suffering with anxiety. The ‘Anxiety 101’ section provides a comprehensive explanation of what anxiety actually is and why it happens, while the ‘Chill Out Tools’ are amazing both when you can feel an anxiety attack coming and day to day. You can choose different situations that add to your anxiety and will be guided through the best tools for dealing with each issue. Seriously, if you have anxiety, download this now.

Have you tried any of these apps? Or do you know of any other great apps for dealing with stress and becoming more mindful? Share them below!

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