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Cosmic Candy: May 19th – 25th



We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries & Aries Rising

Bloody hell. The heart is such a thing to manage. Sometimes I look around at the world (OK, most times) and I wonder how we have made it this far. Distortions are only too easy to entertain, projections too easy to produce and little tears in the heart all too often open up into giant gapping wounds. And for what? And for why? If we understood the unchanging and eternal nature of our being, not much of this would matter would it? But that is not our lot.

We were given this human form; a fragile, delicate easily lost experience of being finite. Apparently this is a gift. Apparently this is on purpose. Apparently this is our purpose. Bumping around in these ever expiring yet sacred cases we inevitably bump into another compilation of corruption, creativity and maybe even companionship.

Recently I was at a teaching by Rabbi Ed Feld and he spoke on the nature of experiencing Divinity. God isn’t something that we encounter from up on high, he taught. It isn’t something that appears in front of us as obvious and distinguishable from all other parts of life. God arises within us, between us and through us. It is this. It is here. The experience of It is only possible through this tortured, beautiful, painful, poetic experience of being an infinite being locked in a finite experience. This Monday, your ruling planet, Mars, will station direct. It marks a turn around for you, a deep experience of understanding your relationship to others as a way of ultimately experiencing the transcendent nature of Life. Or everyone around you will make you want to pull your eyelashes out. One. By. One. If I were you, I’d stay out of the petty and the overly personal and move with a compassionate intention towards an impersonal perspective.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Take care of your bits and parts. Try not to let too much get rusty or leaky in the possible upswing of all things romantic or to do with important pairings. You actually have a tremendous amount of grace building and resonating in your chart in terms of the work that you have done thus far in your intimate relationships. If, in fact, that is what you have been doing.

Alternately, you could have just been suffering in lonely despair this whole time. I really hope that isn’t the case. If you haven’t done the boundary work this week will still bring you a beautiful opportunity but you may end up crushing it like an unsuspecting and unseen bug underfoot. I suggest using the beginning of this next lot of time to pause, prepare and protect your body from any onslaughts of unresolved anger, upwellings of fear or misunderstood, misquoted and misplaced thoughts. This is a good time for you to make commitments to yourself in terms of self care, especially in regards to your physical health.

I also suggest that you guide your awareness towards how you are collecting and using your resources. Money could get a little funny in the coming weeks and I want you to make sure that your end of the bargain is being compensated, tracked and accounted for. If you can keep these pieces on their tracks (the occasional falling off isn’t the end of the world) the issues in your work life that have been meandering around in circles seem to also straighten out and find a definitive and delightful direction.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

When we can wait it out, when we can allow for pause and when we can truly trust that everyone will find their way, we have a better shot at experiencing the life that is in front of us. You’ve been in an extended learning about such things for the past eight months and the beginning of this week is like a deep meditation on all that you have accomplished. Within this domain of boundary setting (and really it’s boundary serving) in your romantic affairs, social obligations and your own understanding of creative self-expression you have had the opportunity for something akin to self-realization. Or at least moments of it, but that is all we ever really need. A moment of seeing ourselves, a moment of witnessing the beauty that our souls contain is enough to awaken any momma bear instincts.

Most of us feel so lost at sea. We float about wondering what to serve, who to serve and how to serve. We try to find jobs that will give us purpose. We try to find relationships that will give our lives meaning. We try to find communities that reflect our desire to experience connection. All of these are beautiful experiences to serve however we will never feel truly fed until we locate the very thing that begs our deepest meditation: our Self. Serve that and all other things will naturally come back into balance. You’ve got some good magic coming your way in your work and/or financial life. I suggest showing up to both of those parties full of Self so that there is a natural current that runs towards you instead of you feeling like you need to chase it.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Part of what I hope has emerged for you over the past few months is a deeper desire to protect the things that make you feel at home in the world, the things that are yours to steward and the things that are not for you to give away. It’s all too easy for Cancers to devalue their talents and give away the goods that they need to keep for themselves. You can call it codependence, you can call it insecurity and you can call it a need to create a sense of security, but I’m going to call it self-destructive. A primal desire to protect yourself and your inner world should be arising. A refusal to disrespect your talents and your foundation should be forming and your inner warrior should be awakening. This could become defensive, but it doesn’t have to occur that way. It could arise as paranoia, but again, it doesn’t have to.

It may very well connect you into a historical story about being left, lost, abandoned and misplaced but again, this isn’t your only option. The most useful way to utilize this energy is to understand what is really being asked of you, namely to respect yourself. Respect your boundaries. Defend your territory when necessary. Belong to your vision, demonstrate to your vision that it belongs to you, too. Nothing can be sustained without proper protection from the elements of erosion. You are that protector. Rally your troops by collecting your psychic energy so that it may be used in service of your ability to build.

It may have felt impossible to do so lately. It may have felt that what was long standing was no longer a safe place of refuge. It may have felt that there was no real place to call home, no real place to be. Rarely are things as they appear and this changing of the guard may feel unstable for a moment but its trying to offer you another route to take. It wants you to know what is yours, what is not yours and what is too fragile, precious and tender to leave out in the open exposed to wolves, bandits and unfriendly foes. The end of the week carries with it a tremendously powerful potential for integration, self-acceptance and joy. It’s a culmination and combination of all of the hard work you have put in and all of the opportunity that has come your way. I want you to meet it with a decidedly dedicated commitment to yourself.

Leo & Leo Rising

While thinking about what to write you, I stepped outside and took myself for a little walk around the block. I needed to shake out my mind for a moment, air myself out. I needed to shift my perception. With the sun on my skin and the sounds of Sunday church wafting onto the windy streets of San Francisco, I pondered your journey at this moment.

When we are in transit, we are vulnerable to the elements. We aren’t as sturdy or as strong as when we are in the comforts and safety of home. However, when we allow ourselves to enjoy these little escapades there is a whole world of information to gather. We cannot stay in the same space and get all that we need. We must venture out and risk the effects of corrosion, otherwise life becomes too stagnant. When we venture outside, the boundaries that keep us safe must become more internalized and rooted in our thoughts, in our language and in our movements.

You are in a place of transition and thus your system requires some protection and your attitude a great amount of flexibility. Yet in all of this movement there can still exist a deep silence and stillness within you. I suggest you focus on this because it’s helpful but I also because it’s a piece of what you are being given this week. You are being given a great gift of grounding amidst the movement and anything that helps you build this internal stability is well worth your praise and attention. Listening to the signs, the sounds and the little birdies that bring you good tidings and good advice will help you feel more at home in the world. Listening to the messages that life is bringing you this week (and all weeks) will help you to trust the ground that you are standing on. Again, I suggest using the divinatory tools that help keep you oriented towards your truth; tarot cards, tea leaves, coffee grinds, books that fall of the shelves, numbers that appear over and over again and anything else that signals to you to pay attention. Pay attention and move in ways that you are directed to move in, from a deeper awareness and sought after directives.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

The problem with low self-esteem is that (besides the obvious and immediate painful experience of not feeling worthy of love) we don’t understand our effects on other people. We fail to see how important we can become in another’s life and we might just damage the fabric of our relationships because we are blind to how much we are loved, cherished and needed. Partnering is a necessary and tricky business, but especially treacherous when we are unsure of what we bring to the table or why we are even sitting there.

If you can, allow the beginning of this week to inform you about your worth, allow it to educate you on your value and to be a meditation on all that you possess. Doing this will set you up to receive the abundant power of creative visualization that is gracing your life. I urge you to use your words both written and spoken, to anchor a developing reality that you’d like to be more present in. Seeing your effect on others will help you to break down the barriers that keep you from experiencing intimacy and promote a source of wealth via your partnerships.

There does seem to be a very real and sturdy opportunity coming your way on the wings of a friend or community member. I know that we have been speaking about this for the last ten months and you may have been like, “What is she talking about and why does she keep talking about it?” The trick about my job is to say things in such a way that it resonates with thousands of people. When I say “gifts” you might be expecting a package with a bow on it, but that isn’t how these things work most times. Gifts can be opportunities to face the pieces of ourselves that are beyond our normal scope and vision. Gifts are those events that help us heal our relationships. Gifts are those people that help us move on from and move through our fear of being seen. There is a gift arriving at your doorstep this week and it’s via those in your network. Be on the lookout and open to whatever is inside the wrapping.

Libra & Libra Rising

There are more distractions everyday. More ways of escaping the experience of being present with the moment, with our hearts and with our purpose. It’s all too tempting to be drawn into all that is around us escaping the sometimes difficult job of becoming the person, the conduit and the beauty that we are meant to be. This work takes dedication, it takes perseverance, it takes a willingness to forgo pleasure so that we might know purpose and live out our soul’s desire.

In a recent live streaming talk between bell hooks and Melissa-Harris-Perry both women speak about the willingness, along with the price one must pay, to serve the work that asks to be born through us. This price doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it exists because of the ways in which our identity intersects with our reality. The price we pay for being who we are is not redeemed and often it rises without warning. We must always weigh the personal price and the necessity of the work that we do. Our personhood, our body, our being is the only wealth we ever have and protecting it must be our primary concern if we are to have any real success in this lifetime.

These next few days are personally important for you. Questions about who you are, how you enter the world, how you find your way to an honest self-expression and how you can experience more resonance abound this week. Most of this requires some sort of pausing, some sort of slowing down, some sort of momentary halt. Don’t freak out if this happens. Perpetual, habitual motion is for machines. You are a precious manifestation of creative potential that needs moments of regeneration.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

You aren’t out of the woods just yet, but you have served your sentence and sweet release is on its way. There is still some paperwork to file, ends to tie back together and some good-bye’s to say, but the finish line is near. Having gone to many graduation events this weekend I am reminded of the intensity of the journey. The doubt, the fear, the soul-crushing work that goes into completing a degree. One is thrown to the wolves in many ways in pursuit of completing such a grand task. Nothing is guaranteed besides the fact that (in America at least) it’s going to cost you a lot of money. But financial debt is only one form of poverty. One must give up their social life, most of their means of financial independence and quite often their hopes of changing the system, or at least it becomes clear that it will not happen the way it did in the rah-rah-rah fantasies of youth.

The last eight months have been a tremendous test of your capacity to heal psychological trauma’s and to grapple with some very uncertain factors. The last two years have been a tremendous test of your endurance physically and a seemingly unending line of questioning in regards to your life’s path. Add to that some eclipses in your sign and you have had a pretty rigorous curriculum outlined. Again, you aren’t quite at graduation but this week feels like a light at the end of the tunnel, an angel in the wings and a reminder that the journey will have many culmination points. Whenever possible, allow yourself a momentary graduation; maturate and celebrate the wisdom that you have earned.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

For most of us, how we express ourselves changes in accordance to whom we are around. It isn’t always safe or welcomed for us to express the entirety of who we are in every surrounding. It seems as though you have been experimenting with which groups feel more congruent to you and how to be with them more consistently. I’d like you to pay extra attention to your energy levels when you are with the different groups that you are connected to, this will give you a clue as to whom to invest more time in and whom to start to disengage from or stop worrying about. Our desires fool us constantly. We are mostly taught that if we do this or that we will get the prize. However, what seems to be a more intelligent system to live by is going by feeling.

If something feels in alignment with us it’s most likely something that will bring us a great success and by success I mean a feeling of connection, an experience of fulfillment and warm feelings akin to or that are love. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be more ripples in your circles of friends this week, because that is all too possible. What it means is that you have the right to gracefully move away from what feels outside your realm of giving a f*ck.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Work takes precedence this week. You need to tend to the details, the relationships and the situations that are erupting there, first and foremost. These situations are most likely to call the loudest, but they are important for more reasons than just volume. The issues that arise at work this week are also a culmination of many months of meditation on what you want to do out there in the big, bad dog-eat-dog world of accomplishment. In fact there could be a complete cease and desist of your desire in this domain. Good, I say! We need momentary pauses in our pursuits to make sure that we are being honest and true to our original intentions. Getting down with your deeper root tips will help your to move in a more manageable and honest direction. And moving you might be, this transit most definitely effects the place you call home.

On another note, your ruling planet, Saturn, is making a very helpful trine to the biggest benefactor out there, Jupiter. This is an important transit for a multitude of reasons but namely because its one that affords you the fortune of relating to the most important people in your life. In other words I want you to be on the lookout for a blessing coming from a friend, ally or lover. It’s important to actively look for these things. If you are anything like me you walk around mostly self-protected and afraid of looking like an ass, so you button up your heart and arm yourself against disappointment. Well, actually you are much more likely to just try and control everything so that you don’t have to run the risk of broken heart bits making a mess all over the floor. It’s a smart way to live if you are like, totally against growing, changing and evolving. However if you are curious of such journey’s this would be a good time to open up and take a chance on those funny, fleeting humans that are standing in front of you bearing important gifts that are all to easy to ignore.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Trying to fit our human experience into verbal expressions is an impossible feat. Trying to confine our experience of the Divine to only religious ritual is pure silliness and creates attitudes that have contributed to more wars and genocide than is fathomable let alone justifiable. And yet, if we are lucky, we have experiences that we are compelled to at least try and express. We are brought to our knees by excruciatingly painful realities in one moment and in another we are raised up to experience the unadulterated joy of existing. Our minds can ping-pong between such extremes and our hearts can be torn, existing in both extremes at once. How we frame and re-frame these stories is everything. How we see ourselves in relation to all the action becomes our reality.

So what do we do with all that we stumble upon on this treacherous trail? That is for us to answer only. The beginning of this week is begging a million questions of you. Again, it isn’t about the answers so much as it is about setting off on the right inquiries. Being as open as you can be to your changing mind will be of great benefit to you now as it allows for a more spacious understanding of how you are evolving. The end of the week brings some of the various questioning threads together. This doesn’t have to be about things making sense per se- but it is about being present to witness the successes that are yours to witness. These aren’t accidental either. You have been laboring with what I hope is love and this week is poised to bring you a moment of praise. Enjoy it. Follow it. Feed it. Tell it how beautiful it is. Thank it for showing up and invite it to stay.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

One of my dearest friends graduated today. The ceremony was an extraordinary thing to witness — the families, the friends and the professors. It’s an extraordinary thing to experience — the emotions, the memories and the moment itself. What each graduate overcame in order to stand in that moment isn’t lost on those that love them. To take these moments to celebrate, acknowledge and uphold our loved ones for their efforts, their courage and the manifestation of their dreams is a blessing.

I feel like there is a similar moment for you this week. It might be subtle and it might be something you could dismiss as insignificant-but it isn’t. Every time we stand for our dream and every step we take towards becoming a fully formed adult is a moment of self-affirmation. Within the choice to take a specific direction there is also the parting with what was formerly a potential. There is a no in every yes. The most amazing thing about standing in the midst of a graduation ceremony is being afforded the opportunity to see generations gathered in one place. The hopes, the dreams, the wishes of parents and caregivers lived out by their children-is perhaps one way to see it. Perhaps it’s also the recognition of the spark of potential that is ours no matter what our family wants from us or for us. Perhaps it’s both/and, perhaps it’s all of the above. Who and how we express ourselves is intrinsically linked to how we were raised.

I see and I hope that for you this week becomes a powerful affirmation of how you have constructed your life, your identities and your way of loving all who walk the path with you. May you graduate with the honor of being yourself.

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