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Red Carpet University: Get Emma Stone’s Met Gala Look for Less


emma stone met gala 2014

If you’re an 18-28 year old woman in America you are probably of the faction that believes Emma Stone can do no wrong. She’s cute, she’s talented, she starred alongside Ryan Gosling (but didn’t take him off the market) and she’s in a sweet and relatable relationship with Andrew Garfield.

Add this to the list of reasons to appreciate her: She showed up the Met Gala last week, an event that’s kind of all about starlets trying to one up each other in the couture game, in a refreshingly bright and not outrageous little getup. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and that came through in spades at this red carpet event. Agree? Well you’re in for a treat ’cause I have all the deets you need to snatch up this outfit for yourself.

All you’ve got to do is grab┬áthese pieces (which are all affordable so halle-freakin’-lujah) and combine. Voila. Instant Emma, just add lipstick.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 10.48.32 PM

Crop top/maxi skirt/strappy sandals/clutch

Note: Cute boyfriend not included.

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