You're Not a Real HU Student Unless You Know These 25 Things to Be True

As my undergraduate matriculation approaches its final quarter, I’m understanding that attending Howard University is a very unique experience. Of course, attending an HBCU (historically black college or university) is unique enough, but not everyone can say P. Diddy turned up at their commencement or that the FLOTUS threw up the sign to their dorm. Few schools can boast an amazing alumni base like ours, a massive homecoming lineup like ours, or a historical signifcance like ours. On the other hand, few students students can relate to having to scheme for basic necessities housing and food or fighting off rodents in their dorms like HU students can. What I really mean by unique was Howard’s ability to instill in me a pride in my culture and institution that has transcended into confidence in myself. It taught me to look at the world through a different lens, build relationships differently and assess my role in the community differently. Just like any other school, attending Howard has come with its own set of exasperations, quirks and norms. For that, there are just some things only a Bison can understand. 1. Fairmont is the first word you say after class on Fridays

2. You know its a function when you hear “taking over from the ’99 to the 2000s.”

3. January is the worst time of year to request a transcript.

4. When you lived in Meridian you thought everyone who took the shuttle to campus from The Towers was incredibly lazy. 5. You moved to The Towers and realized no one has time for the Howard Pl. hill, so you’re going to take the shuttle to campus. 6. There’s an overwhelming number of beautiful women everywhere. #BeClear

7. You leave the A Building either in tears or premeditating someone’s murder…or both. 8. Becoming validated is actually worth partying over.

9. Ms. McCloud is your fairy god mother.

10. Thursday is synonymous with soul food.

11. You cringe at HoChi, but eat it anyway because its cheap and open at ungodly hours of the night. 12. Dr. Carr is a prophet.

13. There’s always at least one girl in your 8 a.m. class in a full face of makeup and heels. 14. Half of the girls in your class go natural during freshman year. 15. DND means more than Dreams Never Die. 16. Student government elections rival United States presidential elections. 17. Silly rivalry aside, you are utterly confused when Hampton says they are the “real HU” because they were founded as Hampton Institute.

18. The Sodexo workers hit on you and you let them to get free meals from The Punchout. 19. You were surprised freshman year by how real the booty wall was. 20. Having a hold from your account is a haze. Finding housing is a haze. Registering for class is a haze. Everything is a haze. 21. Anyone who says Crampton or bisons must be annihilated immediately. 22. You look at a freshman’s outfit and say “you’ll learn.” 23. You lost your damn mind when you saw Drake in that red sweater.

24. Networking is second only to breathing. 25. Anyone who speaks poorly of Howard, other Howard students or faculty , will quickly be schooled in why Howard University is the Mecca of black scholarship, culture and excellence.