5 Steps To Your Hautest Ponytail Ever


Ponytails don’t have the best rep. There’s a pretty big spectrum involved when you’re getting into this ‘do: You can either look a disheveled tomboy or like a sleek, modern it girl. We’ve all worn our fair share of ponytails – it’s a style you don’t give much thought to, one you resort to for workouts or bad hair days. And sure, we’ve all seen celebrities rocking super chic ponies, but if you’re anything like me, you always assumed you needed a professional stylist to get such a perfect style.

Luckily, your best ponytail ever is totally attainable. It’s all a matter of putting a few extra minutes into the style and using a couple of products. With these tips, your ponytail will make you look less like a frazzled eighth grade soccer player and more like this:


Step 1: Volumize. Thin hair doesn’t look as glam in a ponytail so be sure to use a volumizing shampoo if your hair isn’t super thick. You can skip conditioner – hair will hold better if it’s not super smooth.

Step 2: If you want to add some curls or waves to your ‘tail, now is the time to do it. Wind whichever curling iron will give you the shape you crave. If you prefer the sleek, straight look, straighten your locks at this point.

Step 3: Figure out the placement of your pony. Placing it up high on your head is a great idea as it pulls your features back and makes them look more defined. A low ponytail will give you a different look – more formal and less glam. Avoid placing it at the very back of your head (where most of your haphazard ponytails usually hit) as this makes it look more casual.

Step 4: Smooth the top of your hair back. Use some smoothing cream to add hold and prevent those pesky little baby hairs from poking out everywhere. This is probably the most important step of all.

Step 5: Use a hair tie that matches your hair or opt for a pretty jeweled band. Wrap it around your pony (it should be pretty tight) and finish off the look with hairspray. Now go out and rock the eff out of your haute little ponytail.

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