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The Difference Between The Group Hang And The One-On-One Hang


group hang one on one hang

The group hang and the one-on-one hang are vastly different human interactions. Your preference of the two probably says a lot about you. The person who enjoys the group hang probably doesn’t want to get into very “deep conversations.” The person who prefers the group hang probably makes punny jokes based on the conversation and keeps it moving. They have a lot of friends (obviously) and don’t mind adding new ones to the crew but because they don’t go very “deep” they’re not necessarily a great judge of character. The group hanger can find one good thing about somebody and keep them around despite the red flags that the one-on-one hanger may see.

The one-on-one hanger doesn’t enjoy the group hang as much because conversations feel superficial and stock. “So the weather is nice…” The one-on-one hanger finds these conversations boring and would rather get into the knitty-gritty of what makes the person tinks. They want to know about your childhood not what you ate for lunch. Always observing everyone, the one-on-one hanger may miss out on living in the moment. Because of this the one-on-one hanger can come across as quiet, awkward or standoffish when really they’re just waiting for someone they can make a positive connection with.

Ideally we should all have a balance of both kinds of interactions, right? That’s how we have a rich inner and outer life.

When I am with a group of friends I am like…


The party never stops when you’re rolling 10 deep at the club. The group hang’s motto is “TURN DOWN, FOR WHAT?”

When I am with one of my friends I am like…


When two besties get together it can turn into a sob fest of admiration and white wine.

In a group when someone’s joke isn’t funny we just…


Keep it moving . . . So what do you think, Barry? Annnnnnnywaaaaaaaaays.

When someone’s isn’t funny and it’s just the two of us it’s like…


There’s no escaping the awkward. This too shall pass.

When the gang gets together it usually turns into this…


To close a drunken night out the pack of wolves must FEAST.

When I get together with my friend the night usually ends like this…


The besties must affirm that the other bestie is in fact their bestie or the spell will be broken.

When I am with my group there’s always one person who is like…


The friend that nobody likes. *side eye*

When I am with my friend there is always one dude that’s like …


The guy that won’t stop hollering at you or your friend. The thirst is real.

When I am with a big group I usually wake up like…

The next night of a group hang you are probably DISGUSTING.

When I hang out with just one friend I wake up like…


The next night of a one-on-one hang you are revitalized and ready to take on the world.

Being in a big group reminds me to…


After a group hang you want to live in the moment. The party must never stop! I am young! I am free! And I am reading to turn up, goddammit!

Hanging with my best bud reminds me that…


But you are the only who GETS ME. You like REALLY. GET. ME!

Emerald is an editor at CollegeCandy, lover of coffee, and pretend francophile. After studying writing and popular culture at NYU she decided to be a grownup and get a job. Tweet at ya' girl @EmeraldGritty.