Job Market Tougher for Black Grads and Why Cover Letters and Résumés SUCK. Sigh.

How are you feeling, class of 2014? Most commencement ceremonies have passed. You’ve walked the stage, your boxes are packed, shipped and on the way home and more than likely, you’re furiously twiddling your thumbs trying to figure out that next step. Join the club…April’s unemployment rate was 6.3% leaving thousands of graduates job hunting in a hopeless place. Thankfully, Business Insider has a roundup of 25 companies with the best pay and benefits (including Costco!). It never hurts to try and apply. While the prospects of finding employment aren’t impossible, I know how it feels to feel dejected, overwhelmed and generally over it. The job hunt is no easy fete…especially with cover letters and résumés in the mix. Sometimes I wish that they could just be abolished…ain’t nobody got time to revise and reword for every single company that materials goes out to. New York Magazine hears my pain. They address how inefficient the “packet” can be…and how most employers judge the very first line (your name) of it. They say that “white-sounding” or “normal” names are more likely to receive invitations for interviews versus ethnic-sounding ones…making it that much harder for Black college grads. Huffington Post reports that the 2013 unemployment rate for recent college grads who are Black “was almost twice that of recent college grads overall” with job market discrimination being a top reason. Things may be looking bleak, Candy Girls (and Guys), but try to stay positive. The stats might be against us, but remember that there’s something out there for everyone. Success isn’t one size fits all. [Lead image via]