Color Your Hair Without Spending a Fortune At The Salon This Summer

When the season’s change, I start gearing up for a big of a fashion and/or beauty shakeup. There’s something about changing temps that makes me want to make a physical change. This should mean that I’m in a perpetual state of metamorphosis considering I live in a city that swings from 90 degrees to effing SNOWING in the middle of May within one week. But I digress.

Adding a pop of color to your hair is a fun, not-too-serious, impermanent change you can make for the summer. It’s appropriate because summer tends to be fun, not too serious and (unfortunately) impermanent as well.

You probably don’t want to shell out your precious wealth (or lack thereof) every time you crave a quick change – so it’s a good thing we have a few no-salon-required tricks up our sleeves. We’ll share them with you right here.

Chalking: This is a super simple and cheap fix when you need a little bit of neon in your life. All you need is some chalk, a hot tool and water. Wet a section of your hair, then run the stick of chalk over it. You can either let your hair air dry or blow dry it. Once it’s totally dry you can a flat or curling iron over it as the heat will seal the color. This works really well but if you have dark hair it likely won’t last too long. Break out this method for a music festival or day party.

Clip-in extensions: So retro, right? Because they’re sort of old-school, most of us have sort of forgotten that clip-in streaks are a thing. But they totally are! And they’re kind of cool, actually and they’ve really improved in quality. This is a super, super low-commitment fix and, depending on what quality the strands are, it can also be very cheap.

Spray-in color: I bought this stuff on a whim a while ago. I haven’t used it yet but I’ve heard good things and I love the fact that for just $15, I can get a temporary rocker fix.

Kool Aid: Again, retro. This was huge when I was a kid. If you can find this powdery drink mix why not use it to add some color? Instructions here.

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