Get Patriotic With These Memorial Day Inspired Nails

It’s Memorial Day. Not to be confused with Veterans Day, which I do every year. Memorial Day began to commemorate those who had fallen in WWI but today we use it to celebrateĀ all fallenĀ soldiers. This day isn’t just about a day off or bbq’ing, it’s an important time to remember that countless troops have served and lost their lives on our behalf. Whether you or even they agreed with the politics of the war they fought with valor and courage that so many others would have fled from. While painting your nails isn’t going to do anything for fallen soldiers, it’s always nice to get a little patriotic and support the country that, certainly isn’t perfect, but provides us with more and greater opportunities than many other places in the world. We take this day to honor those who fought to protect our many freedoms and the freedom of expression to decorate our nails.

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