The 5 Classiest Ways To Wear Neon This Summer

Believe it or not, there are ways to wear neon without looking like an EDM concert diehard.

This color family is always in full swing during the summer months for obvious reasons: It’s fun, it’s vibrant, it’s the opposite of wintery black. But it’s also very easy to wear neon in a way that is over the top, loud or just plain tacky.

The trick to wearing neon anything is to do it in small doses and to style yourself in such a way that nothing else about your outfit could be considered tacky. For example, a short tight neon skirt will never look as a classy as a black skirt of the same length and fit. The most effective way to add neon to your wardrobe is be using it to add pops of color.

Need some inspiration? Here are some of my favorite ways to add a pop of neon.


Nails: I believe that nail polish is an accessory. Choosing a big, bold neon is a great way to add both color and personality to any look. A good neon yellow, lime green or hot pink will add attitude without taking the look into blindingly bright territory.


Statement jewelry: They are making some seriously beautiful neon jewelry these days. This is one of my absolute favorite ways to add a subtle hint of neon to a plain white tee or a casual black dress, Earrings or a necklace with neon stones will instantly take basic winter pieces to summer.


Printed pants: It seems unusual but printed pants with hints of neon actually look so amazing. I feel like if you’re going to wear printed pants (a summer staple that is both casual and trendy) you might as well do it all the way. A pair of silk pants with neon accents is a fabulous example – simply style with plain black tank and add a leather jacket for evening.


A striped top: There’s about stripes that’s just so classically American that few things can ever look trashy when covered in this print. I bet even two neon shades striped against one another wouldn’t be overkill but my favorite way to do this is by wearing a shirt that has striped in one very bright color and one muted shade like gray or navy.


Sandals: Summery footwear with a little hint of neon can totally be cute. Unlike pumps, which IMHO can look a bit cheesy in neon colors, sandals are exactly the kind of fun, informal shoes that could benefit from subtle neon colorblocking.

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