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Guardian Angel Jewelry Designed To Save Women From Unwanted Attention



Every girl’s been there. At the bar with a guy that loses control of his wandering hands with every sip of liquor; at a house party and your friend’s cousin with the bad B.O. is getting too close for comfort; waiting for a train or bus with someone you don’t know incessantly talking to you about nothing. There are a million situations where an escape from the boring, the painfully awkward, and the ominous would be more than welcomed. Ad company JWT Singapore is attempting to cleverly eliminate Morse code blinking and strange body signals to friends with a little trinket that hangs in a jewelry box.

Worn as a necklace or a bracelet, the Guardian Angel places a call to the wearer’s cell phone with the touch of a tactfully placed button, and gives the distressed lady an excuse to walk away from unwarranted attention. If things get even stickier, holding the button for an extended time will send a message to a friend with the exact GPS location.

3030315-inline-guardian-angelAesthetically the Guardian Angel is simple enough and can be worn with anything. The sleek silver pendant hangs on a thin sliver chain; to be worn as a bracelet it is attached to a black leather or silver chain link.

It is a noble effort by JWT Singapore to alleviate the woes of the damsel in distress, but I think they’ve missed the mark just a tad. The purpose of the Guardian Angel is to be a discreet way to get away from creeps, however, the device is a rather large pendant with a not so discreet button on it. Wearing it around the neck leaves the button quite exposed. Anyone with some logic would ask these two questions upon seeing it: what purpose is there for a lump with a button on it other than to press the button?  What happens after you press it? It’s a red flag to perps everywhere.

Then there’s the matter of the emergency text to a friend or family member, who may be sleeping, drunk or god knows what else when you need them. You’d have better luck screaming your head off and running. Wouldn’t it be more fitting that an emergency text be sent to emergency response teams like, I don’t know, the cops?

Despite it’s emergency misstep and its overtly sexist purpose, the Guardian Angel is a good way to weasel out of minor undesirable situations. But let’s all remember that we have mouths to end a conversation and legs to walk away.