4 Questionable Alcoholic Beverages You'll Drink During College

Four years in college bring a hoard of hilarious stories that usually begin with a lack of better judgement and a few cups of liquid that leave your lips puckered and body sore in the morning. But of course, not all alcoholic beverages are created equally and there are plenty of drinks that if we really thought about what we were drinking, we surely wouldn’t drink it. Here’s a break down of the most side-eye deserving drinks out there that we’ll drink anyway in the name of a good time.
1. Jungle Juice
Active Ingredient(s): Depends how the person who made it was feeling that day and fruit
Purpose: To induce psychoactive effects
Use: A popular party drink made by frats and other ambitious party throwers
Warning: Alcohol may be hard to taste leading one to believe it does not have enough alcohol in it, thus causing them to drink much more than needed or to add more alcohol into it — both of which are horrible ideas; its effects are known to sneak up on people, resulting in sudden and extreme levels of toxicity; may contain drugs other than alcohol, so unless you don’t mind being roofied, consume with caution.
Stop Use and Have Some Water If: Consumer begins removing clothes and fails to make coherent sentences
2. Nutcrackers and Phrosties
Active Ingredients: A myriad of hard liquor and fruit juice (in liquid or slush form)
Purpose: To make money
Use: Sold on the street and in bodegas in sealed plastic bottles or cups
Warning: One does not know who the made that, what’s in it, or where it came from, so proceed with caution.
Do Not Use And Demand Your Money Back If: Seal of bottle is broken (although we don’t see how it gets sealed anyway) or if container looks suspicious in anyway
 3. Everclear
1004371Active Ingredient(s): 150 proof (95%) alcohol
Purpose: Induces psychoactive effects such as alterations in mood, perception, behavior and consciousness
Use: To produce a state of drunkenness beyond all measure of comprehension and mobility
Warning: If taken straight may cause burning sensation similar to acid on the lips, throat, mouth, and internal organs resulting in the clutching of throat, gasping for air, and possible tears; potency is typically underestimated resulting in over consumption thus leading to medical attention and/or total embarrassment; always results in a sore feeling, as if having fallen down several flights of stairs, the next morning
Stop Use and Go To The Hospital If: Consumption results in the regurgitation of one’s stomach contents or loss of memory for more than a few hours; loss of consciousness
4. Four Loko (Original Formula)
Active Ingredient(s): 12% alcohol volume, caffeine, guarana, taurine
Purpose: To combine caffeine and alcohol in an ungodly manner
Use: To push the boundaries of intoxication
Warning: Heart may implode
No Need To Stop Use Because You Shouldn’t Drink It Anyway: N/A

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