Female 'A+' Students Will Make Less Money Than Male 'C' Students

In another chapter of “It’s hard To Be A Human Woman Because Society” a study by University of Miami and Nova Southeastern University, which surveyed more than 10,000 students, showed that while the higher your grades are the more money you’ll make in life, gender plays a huge and unfair factor. A woman with a 4.0 high school GPA will make less money than a male student with a 2.5 GPA because arbitrary reasons, I guess? I am of the notion that grades don’t necessarily determine someone’s aptitude or intelligence but it’s probable that a woman who has a 4.0 is at the very least more hard working and thus a better employee then someone who is “just passing.”
The study found that minorities will make less than their white brethren even though African Americans and Latinos with good grades were more likely to pursue more education than white students with good grades.
Another issue the study notes is that while women have a higher pay bump than men based on their GPA it’s still not enough to catch up to men. For every 1 GPA point women receive a 13.77 percent annual earnings increase, whereas men only receive 11.85 percent. What this adds up to is that the higher your grades are the more you will make relative to other women but still never as much as men. Essentially each point in a man’s GPA is worth more currency than a point in a woman’s GPA which explains a lot about society. We have to worker twice hard to get half as much.
The article notes that while more women than man pursue lowering pay jobs like healthcare and education, it cannot be ignored that women are socialized to pursue these lower paying jobs early on, while others argue “that majority-female occupations are often valued less monetarily simply because they’re made up of mostly women.”

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