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Meet O2L: The 6 Hottest Boys On YouTube



YouTube the video sharing website changed six boys’ lives in the summer of 2012. Before YouTube Kian Lawley, Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon, Jc Caylen, Sam Pottorff and Trevor Moran were just average teenage boys. Now, they’re just a few of the most popular (and most adorable) young men with a collab channel on YouTube. The YouTube channel “Our Second Life” (O2L) has over one million subscribers. The boys have traveled all around the world to achieve one goal – to meet as many insane fan girls as they possibly can.

The collab picks a topic each week, and each one of the members of O2L makes their personal video on it and uploads it to the collab’s channel. These videos range from challenges, vlogs and skits. The boys even give “how to” and “what to do” advice. Don’t know what to do when you’re bored? O2L can help you with that. Need help on a good prank? O2L can help you with that. Each member also has their own main channel.

The four older (and hottest) members of the group- Ricky Dillon, Jc Caylen, Kian Lawley and Connor Franta decided to leave their families from around the world and live in a house together located in LA. O2L likes to get down on Fridays with Rebecca Black and go on adventures with other YouTube celebs such as Tyler Oakley.

O2L keeps their fan based alive by interacting with their fans on social media such as Twitter and Instagram. The YouTubers even interact by webcaming with their fans on a social media site called OMEGLE.

The boys are currently on their 2014 world wide tour to meet as many fans as they can. I suggest this summer you subscribe to their channels.

Why should you subscribe? Why wouldn’t you? I’m talking about six hot guys with amazing personalities and creativity. What more can you ask for?!

Andria Garcia is currently living in New York City. @instagram @twitter