There Is A Man Sneaking Under Students' Beds And Tickling Their Feet At Boston College

¯_(ツ)_/¯  ???! There is a grown man in Boston sneaking under students’ beds and tickling their feet at night. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! The man his been breaking into the homes of Boston College students and has struck around 10 times.
“This is no myth. It’s happening,” Sgt. Michael O’Hara told Over the past two years students have been reporting that a 5’8″ Black man in dark clothing and a hoodie has been lurking under beds, while others report him peering into their windows fapping. This is not OK.
“I thought my friend was just trying to annoy me, but I soon realized it wasn’t anyone I knew,” A Boston College student Daniel Marenzi said. “I freaked out and sat up but he was already on the way out.” I don’t know what’s creepier, the fact that this guy is sneaking into people’s homes to tickle their toesie-woesies or the fact that he reportedly has no interest in stealing or any of the “normal” reasons to break into someone’s house.
Sgt. O’Hara says that too many students leave their doors unlocked which makes them susceptible to the serial tickler.
Jack Barrows, a BC junior, said, “Someone was standing at the end of the bed, and by the time I realized there was someone really there, he was booking it right out my door. When I was finally out of bed and following, he was out the back door.” OH DEAR GOD.
While residents are saying they’d like a stronger police presence Sgt. O’Hara is being sort of a hard ass about it, “People calling in saying they want more patrol cars won’t do anything. They need to report crimes when they happen. It’s a low crime area. We patrol areas based on the crime statistics. If we had something to go on we would.”
No hard evidence but the tears of the serial tickler’s victims. Being tickled by someone you actually love is hard enough as it is!

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