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Your Lisa Simpson Summer Reading List: 23 Works That Will Make You Smarter


lisa simpson harry potter

There isn’t a smarter 8-year-old and nary a person as well-read as Lisa Simpson. If you’ve watched The Simpsons (which I am assuming you don’t because it’s just not that good now) but if you were around in the earlier seasons, you’d probably notice that Lisa Simpson was always reading books. Some of them were fake, some were puns on other books but most of them were real. What’s interesting about Lisa’s choices is that many of these books were banned, polarizing and controversial. Not only does Lisa’s reading list range from politics, poetry, literary to commercial fiction, mathematics and magazine, she is also into a diverse group of men and women authors. I’ve head the pleasure of reading some of these classics but I am fairly certain that if one were to complete the Lisa Simpson Reading List they’d be a much better person than when they started. Here’s a list of 23 works with synopsis (according to Wikipedia) that are Lisa Simpson approved.

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