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9 Things You Should Never Have To Choose Between: A Very Difficult Poll


zac and dave

There are somethings in life that you should never have to choose between. Today you will have to choose between those things. I know it’s unfair. It’s rude but like at the end of the movie The Good Son where the mom has to choose between saving the good Elijah Wood or the bad Macaulay Culkin from falling off a cliff, even though Macaulay was her biological son and Elijah was just some kid staying their, she chose Elijah. Choosing between two things you love is hard but life is hard. However, remember whatever you choose in this poll will come true so share with 15 friends or a witch will eat toes at night.

Zac Efron vs. Dave Franco


It is hard to choose because of eyebrows, butts and arms. But Zac Efron has a dark side and Dave Franco is basically the little brother on sitcoms that doesn’t have a lot of lines but wants attention.

Beyoncé vs, Destiny’s Child

Antonio "L.A." Reid's 50th Birthday Party - Inside

I don’t which is a better song “Bootylicious” or “Flawless.”

Cake vs. Pie


Dessert wars :(.

Eating vs. Sleeping


The only pleasures in life.

Going Out vs. Staying In With Netflix


Every decision is the wrong decision .  . . or the right decision?

A Good Job vs. A Good Paycheck


Money or fulfillment? But can money buy you fulfillment?

Your Favorite Son vs. Your Least Favorite Daughter<

Every parent I know says they have a favorite they can’t help but they can help if it affects their parenting. But if you could only save one of your children, who would you save?

Your Mom vs. Your Dad


Your parents have a favorite and so do you.

Your Best Friend vs. Your Puppy


Life is tough is what I am saying, yo.

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