How To Rock An Arm Party When There’s Only One Guest

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock (or just don’t have an Instagram account), let’s talk about what an “arm party” is. It’s essentially the trend of wearing tons and tons of bracelets on one hand.

Fashion seems to love a good arm party. Bloggers, stylists, it girls – they all go gaga for a nice thick stack of bracelets on bracelets.

But I don’t.

I tend to prefer making a statement with one chunky bangle or cuff. Why? Honestly, because it takes less effort. I’m not a huge jewelry girl so if I can consistently reach for one of my few statement cuffs when I’m trying to run out the door, it’s way easier than layering on tons of smaller finds. I also think a single amazing piece just plain looks better. It makes the actual piece stand out, whereas an arm party is about the entire picture. And because everyone is hosting arm parties these days, wearing one bracelet is actually the more original choice.

It just comes down to finding wristwear that can stand alone…any of the pieces below qualify.

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