Photo Series Shows That Pretty Really Does Hurt :(

Though I’m used to my everyday ritual, it’s still time consuming and ever-so-draining. I wake up, wash my face, moisturize, spot treat, fill in my brows, put on a little powder and a lot of gloss…and that’s all before getting dressed (which sometimes includes the painful process of getting my Spanx on, depending on the outfit). While maintenance and upkeep is normal for a twenty-something girl, it’d be such a breath of fresh air to go out without worrying about how I look and what’s perceived about my appearance. We do a lot to stay pretty as young women, especially in the summer – waxes, manis, pedis, tanning, facials and fitness regimes are second nature to us. But as Beyoncé once said, pretty hurts. We live in an era where there’s so much pressure to look presentable – when it’s the soul that needs surgery.
Photographer Jessica Ledwich feels our pain. Her series, Monstrous Feminine, depicts the daily routine of women “and places them in a new, more gruesome context,” according to a writeup on Mashable. “I’m interested in holding a mirror to peoples’ behavior rather than make judgements … there should be a dialogue around why we feel the need to do these things to ourselves.”
What do you think of Ledwich’s depiction of pretty, Candy Girls?

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