So Basically, #Glowing is This Summer’s Answer to #Planking

If it weren’t for my siblings, I’d essentially be stuck in 2004. Yes, I try to stay abreast of celebrity gossip, current events and everything else in between, but my youngsters always know everything there is to know about what’s hot…and what’s not. Last week, I was watching my sister scroll through her Instagram feed and saw a bunch of her friends posing really weirdly – legs apart, hands in pockets, eyes to the sky. Some were even holding up fake gang signs. The aspiring journalist in me couldn’t help but ask.

“ are they doing?” I asked my sister.

“They’re glowing up, Khalea,” she explained in a wow, you’re so out of touch voice. “It’s a thing now.”

But where did it come from? What does it mean? Why is everyone doing it? And why isn’t it on Urban Dictionary?

After a little digging, I found out that “glowing” derives from Chicago, specifically from Chief Keef and artists from Glo Gang, his label. A lot of the Midwest rappers pose on their mixtape covers this way, though, and t’s trickled down to social media. #glowing is similar to #planking – it’s a fun summer photo fad that came out of nowhere and probably won’t make it to July, to be honest. But it’s here. It’s hot. And it’s now. And we have to deal with it.

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