Trend Report: Kimonos, Why We Love This Boho-Chic Item

You heard it here first: Kimonos are the best thing to happen to your summer wardrobe since high-waisted bikinis came back in fashion.

Why? Because kimonos can take even the most basic look from dull to awesome. They can be dressed up or down. They make great cover ups. And my favorite reason: They’re super flattering on pretty much anyone.

Seriously, buy yourself a kimono this year. You can throw it on over your casual outfit for class (denim shorts + white tank + kimono. Done.) You can wear it out to dinner (try it over black jeans and a black tank) or tossed over a bathing suit – a trick I am going to employing a lot this summer since I’m not fond of my midsection.

This item looks great on pretty much anyone because it has amazing shape – the loose cut is counteracted by the open front. You can get something simple – a solid-colored waist-length number or something a bit more boho – a long, brightly patterned kimono, for example.

Whichever you choose, I highly recommend treating yourself to a little kimono this year. Which one would you buy?

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