Take a Peek at 8 of the Cutest Coffee Shops Around the World

Is a coffee cup your most worn accessory? Do you prefer coffee dates over dinner and a movie? Are you fluent in the ridiculously confusing sizes and names of drinks at Starbucks? Does your local barista know your order as soon as as you walk into the door? If you answered yes to at least two of those questions then congratulations! You are an active participant of the caffeine crazed hispter culture taking hold of the world!
Whether you enjoy an occasional cup of coffee or your veins flow with double shot espressos, here are eight amazing coffee shops to seek out the next time you decide to explore the world abroad and your own backyard.
L’OisiveThé– Paris, France
This Alice in Wonderland-esque shop in a quaint part of Paris doubles as a yarn store. The owner, who is an American ex-pat, hosts weekly knitting evenings.

Joe Bean- Rochester, New York
Joe Bean buys eco friendly coffee beans and fair trade coffee from farms. The shop also offers classes so everyone can become the ultimate barista.

Caffé Strega- Rome, Italy
Enjoy a gourmet espresso and traditional Italian meal while stargazing at the frequent celebrity passer-bys on Via Veneto.

Confeitaria Cavé- Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is the world largest coffee producer, but this quaint shop is better known for it’s cakes, pastereies, and charmingly small interior.

Cafe U D’voristu- Zagreb, Croatia
The name of this shop translates to “cafe in the courtyard,” but it’s actually in the heart of the city. To find this chic cafe, you’ll have to walk down a smokey little alley way. If you get lost, just follow the sound of live music. Aside from an assortments of teas and coffees, Cafe U D’voristu is also known for carrying great beers.
Fun Fact: The owner of this shop attended Gordon College in Massachusetts and the  music shop next door has been owned by his parents for the past 20 years.

Omotesando Koffee- Tokyo, Japan
This is another hidden gem of a coffee shop, located in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. What makes this shop so great? Gourmet coffee for super cheap (¥350 to ¥1,000 JPY or $3.50 to $10 USD)!

The Window Coffee- Norwich, England
The Window Coffee is called the “smallest coffee shop in the world”(it seats five people!) but serves unusually large cups of coffee. The owner, Hayley Draper, won an impressive 5th place in the 2011 UK Barista Championship, proving that this little shop packs a big punch.

Motherland Coffee- Capetown, South Africa
Their original blend is Rwandan and Ethiopian single origin Arabica coffee can be enjoyed i shop or purchased to take home. You can also feel good about buying their products as Motherland Coffee is deeply rooted in social action, social justice and African development.

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