12 Men In Crop Tops: Vote If You Approve Of This (Beauty)

Man stomach. Soak it in. Soak it in. A few days ago I wrote about how changing fashion correlates to our changing views of a woman’s body. It’s fairly obvious that just 100 years ago women used to be covered from head to toe but as the times have changed modesty has become less of the standard and choice has become the priority. Long skirts, short skirts, no skirts! Imagine Lady Gaga walking around with no pants on in 1910, that would have been far more scandalous and it was pretty scandalous in 2008. One of the things we often forget about feminism is that it’s not just for women. It demands that men, and any and all genders, receive the same flexibility. It’s a “do you and I’ll do me,” policy that supposed to free us from the boundaries and confinements of expectations. In fashion that means boys wearing dresses and crop tops and pink and all the pretty decadent things they used to wear before the 18th century.
High heels were invented for both women and men to look taller. Then things got fudged up along the way. Male clothing became tailored in muted colors to create visual distinctions between us “feminine, stupid girls.” This is how Kanye West and Pharrell were able to make such a huge impact in fashion by creating a paradigm shift in how hip hop artist dress which eventually trickled down to the masses. Men stopped wearing baggy, muted clothing and began to wear pink polos, prints and tighter pants. Just look at the bold legging prints sported by Lil Wayne or even Justin Bieber. Being a man has little to do with how one dresses, it always had little to do with that but now we’re comfortable with acknowledging it. Remember when we used to call well-dressed, straight men “metrosexuals“? The assumption was that because a man was stylish his sexuality must not be entirely heterosexual. It was a way of saying “only gay men” and “straight men who act gay” can wear bright colors. Have you heard the term “metrosexual” at all in recent years? Nope. Times have changed and no one is in the business of insulting, poking fun of or questioning anyone’s sexuality or orientation based on how they dress. It’s getting cooler and cooler when people are just themselves. Life is just more interesting that way.
This brings us to the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: Do y’all like men in crop tops? ~_~ reeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooow. Puuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr.
Crop tops were pretty popular in the ’80s but this was right around the time men wore bright red leotards and cod pieces so it all fit. Just like we are free to wear whatever we want regardless if men approve, dudes are free to do the same. For curiosity’s sake: do you approve of the male crop top? Vote!
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