These 9 Nude Shoes Will Give You Legs For DAYS

nude pumps

If you’ve ever audited Fashion 101 (and by that I mean….cracked open an issue of InStyle), you will know that there are a few cardinal rules of flattering fashion. Among them: Black is always slimming, A-lines look good on virtually everyone and nude heels make your legs look better than ever.

Let’s address that third rule, shall we? In order to really maximize on the flattering properties of the nude shoe, you must opt for something that matches your skin tone really well. The science behind this? If the shoe blends with your leg, you leg looks longer and, by virtue of that, slimmer. You also want to look for a shoe that’s low-slung in the front for maximum lengthening – ankle straps will make your gams look a bit thicker and cut some length. That’s why Christian Louboutin goods sell for such high prices – the man understands how to cut his shoes in such a way that they expose a bit of toe cleavage. It sounds gauche, but the exposed foot just adds to the length of the leg.

Regardless of the exact shoe, any nude heel will give you legs so hot, they’ll rival Blake Lively’s. Shop some prime examples below.

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