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5 Surprising Things That Could Be Making You Break Out


break out

Pimples: They’re not just for 13-year-olds.

But if you’re unlucky human, ya already know this. The crazy thing about pimples is that, while some people are more prone to them than others, certain environmental factors can cause anyone to sprout a zit or two. Some of these are no brainers, others are things you may never have considered. Could one of these things be breaking you out?

Your pillowcase: That thing has got to be pretty grimy (sorry) unless you’re washing it, like all the time. And think about it – you literally rest your face right there on it every night. That means all that nastiness can seep into your pores and clog them, causing – you guessed it – zits.

Your phone: If you’re anything like me, you touch your phone’s screen. A lot. You easily toss it in your bag (again, likely not the cleanest thing) and set it out on a table whenever you go. It’s definitely picked up tons of bacteria and when you hold it up to your cheek to talk on the phone, acne often ensues.

Your moisturizer: Some girls just have super small pores. Moisturizer is always important, but consider switching to an oil-free formula if you’re having issues with pimples sprouting up.

Your hair: We’ve all heard that not washing your hair daily is a good thing. Some people might just have tons of grease building up if they hold off for too long, though. This grease can definitely clog your pores when your hair swings around your face.

Hormones: Certain hormonal imbalances can cause major acne. If you’re noticing tons of zits along with an increase¬†facial hair, irregular periods or sudden weight gain, see your endocrinologist. If it’s just a random influx of acne, a dermatologist can definitely help.

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