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The New Happy Meal Doing Creepy Stuff Is Your Worst Nightmare Come To Life


creepy happy meal

For some deranged reason McDonald’s thought it would be an excellent idea to create a new mascot. That makes sense, right? Ronald McDonald was some creepy clown who hung out with kids and it was a little weird. A new mascot for a new generation of kids, sure, why not? Then they unveiled this new creation. This new character that surely cost the advertising agency who came up with this millions of dollars, is a maniacal Happy Meal. It’s a walking, talking Happy Meal with the most manic, psychotic expression on its face. You cannot put googly eyes and a human-like mouth onto an inanimate object and expect things not to go awry. Keep in mind this is for children. Keep in mind they probably spent months trying to come up with the best depiction and the most sellable character. There were meetings about demographics, marketing! There was data! Research! Mock ups! WTF?

After it was all said and done McDonald’s unleashed the creepy Happy Meal which of course became the Creepy Happy Meal meme. It is literally terrifying. You honestly don’t need to create an elaborate scenario to make this Happy Meal look creepy, it literally is only capable of looking creepy. I was afraid of Barbie dolls when I was a kid because of her eyes, this would have given me night terrors.

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