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The Truth About Magnum Condoms, Plus 9 Ego-Boosting Lies We Tell Men [CC Faves]


This post originally appeared in 2012 from Molly Mahannah. We love it because, come on, some things never change.

You know how guys sometimes “complain” that they don’t like condoms. “They’re so constricting,” they say. And then us ladies offer up some sort of compromise, “Well, you probably need Magnums, they’re bigger.” Well, guess what? They’re not really significantly bigger.

I KNOW. I was blown away too. After “seeing” them work firsthand, I thought for sure they had to be bigger. According to Psychology Today, however, that’s not the case. And those Magnum XL’s for the supposedly “extra big” guy? They are no different than regular Magnums. It’s all marketing. Trojan doesn’t even have to advertize for Magnums, they just…sell.

The actual difference between a regular condom and a Magnum is only .32 inches in length. NOT EVEN A FULL INCH LONGER. They’re also only about half an inch wider, which is reasonable, but still. Pretty much any regular sized guy could fit into a Magnum if he fits into a regular condom. It’s all just to boost the male ego.

I am basically just amused at how guys use whatever necessary means to boost their egos and earn bragging rights. Us ladies do our fair share to feed into their fantasy lives, too, though. Those little white lies we giggle about later to our girlfriends…you know what I’m talking about. We’re all guilty of it.

See if you’ve ever caught yourself laying it on a little thicker with any of these 9 common male ego-boosters (aka “Big, Fat Lies”)…

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