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5 Rules for Texting Your Crush


rules for texting

Gone are the days of whispering sweet nothings into each others ears during late night phone calls. Now, half of getting to know someone is done through 2 by 4 inch pieces of metal with an LED light inside of it. Just like anything else, texting requires technique and precision to produce successful outcomes. Read on to understand how when, what, and how things are texted can say much more than actual words.

Response Times

The perfect length of time to wait to respond to a text message has been in debate ever since texting became a thing. Generally, I’d say a solid minute is a good wait time to respond to a text, however, that number is flexible depending on the circumstances. If you’re actively engaged in a conversation, immediate (as in like 5 seconds or less) responses are totally okay.

Never take hours to respond unless you honestly can’t respond quicker than that! That sends the message that you aren’t interested…but, if that is what you’re going for be my guest to let that text message simmer for a bit.

Texting First

If you are a firm believer that the guy should always text first or if you hold on fast to playing hard to get, I can guarantee you that in a few years Katy Perry‘s The One That got Away will be your life anthem. When it comes to texting first, there’s only one rule — if you want to send a text, then send it. You’re an adult so you’re perfectly capable of acting on what you want and dealing with the consequences, good or bad.

Issues only arise with texting first when you’re always the one to send the first message (that goes for both guys and gals). If you’re always hitting the same person up to start a conversation and they never start conversations with you, chances are they don’t actually care to talk to you all that much. Sorry to break it to you!

The Gray Ratio

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about playing this silly game of thumb wars, there’s this whole other thing that’ll have you rethinking everything you say and when. It’s called you’re gray ratio and it’s the scariest thing about texting next to sending that explicit text to your parent instead of your beau.

You’re gray ratio is the ratio of gray messages (the ones you receive) to green or blue ones (the ones you send). Is your conversation sting mostly gray bubbles? Great! This person is totally into you. Is it mostly green or blue? Then hold on tight to your next couple of messages because you’re doing too much. Strive for an equal balance of colors so that you’re not bombarding them with texts.


We’ve all committed the crime of saying lol in every message. Just stop it. It’s annoying and everything you say isn’t funny.


Unless accompanied with words emoticons can will end a conversation quicker than Kim K ended her marriage to Kris Humphries. Think about it— when you’ve been texting for some time already and send an emoticon by itself, it means you can’t think of anything to say and how exactly does one respond to an emoticon? With another one? By that point the conversation is dead. No point in beating a dead horse.

But, if you’re articulating yourself with words, emoticons are a fun way to add emphasis to what you’re saying. Emoticon away!

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