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Bye Bye Chipped Nails: The Holy Grail of Long-Wear Polish is Here


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I’m constantly doing things with my hands. I also love getting my nails done. Together, these two facts create the perfect storm. A long-lasting manicure for me is 3 days. Wait, who am I kidding? A long-lasting manicure, as inĀ it stayed perfectly chip-free, is maybe 24 hours. There’s always a box that needs to be viciously torn into, a jammed necklace clasp that needs to be pried open, an annoying sticky label just begging to be picked. And these activities just don’t jell with my non-gel manicures. Before I know it, my polished fingers look like I’ve been surviving as a castaway on a remote island.

I know the obvious solution to this problem is to get a gel manicure, one of those that allegedly stay put for two weeks and then need to be professionally removed. Emerald recently had one done and the results were impressive. I have trouble, however, justifying the steep price of gel manis. At my salon they go for $35, and that’s not including a pedicure. I much prefer paying $10 for a regular polish mani each week (because obviously I live for the complementary massage they give me while my nails are drying).

In my quest to find a happy medium between pricey-but-lasting gel manicures and cheap-but-fragile regular ones, I found Lauren B. Beauty‘s line of long-wear polishes. I grabbed a bottle in Mulholland Drive, a smokey purple-gray shade, and brought it with me to my manicurist last Saturday. Since that time, I’ve gone to a music festival, opened countless UPS packages without scissors, cleaned my bathroom and baked some cookies. My nails still look #flawless. This stuff is the real deal when it comes to durable polish, and there’s nothing fancy about how you apply it. No weird lights, no intense removal process. Just base coat, Lauren B., top coat, a few minutes of dry time and you’re good to go. It’s also incredibly DIY friendly, if you’re not into having someone else do your nails.


The “OC” and Mulholland Drive

A bottle of Lauren B. polish will run you $18, which I know is a beauty investment, but IMO it’s worth the money for the two-weeks of chip-free color it promises. The line offers classic shades like nudes and reds, and funkier blues and greens — all inspired by and named after places in Los Angeles. If you’re a slave to marketing like I am, you’ll be picking colors for your favorite LA locales just as much you will for the excellent colors.

PS: Follow Lauren B. Beauty on Instagram for polish inspiration!