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Puff Daddy Released a “Game of Thrones” Music Video…Kinda


Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 2.39.40 PM

Puff Daddy released a music video for “I Want The Love” featuring Meek Mill this morning…there is much to say about this video, but we’ll settle for just four of the most awesome observations we made.

1. The First 30 seconds

Diddy starts the video with a stirring monologue from which we can deduce that this entire song was inspired by his loathe for funerals and made-for TV documentaries. The speech evokes quite an emotional response as you begin to realize the two go hand in hand. Once you’re deep in thought, he scares the hell out of you jerks your attention back to the video by screaming at the top on his lungs, which I believe he mistook for singing, “I want the love!!”

2. Game of Thrones

Rappers have taken a lot of interest in Game of Thrones (watch Snoop Dogg/Lion recap GOT with Seth Rogen) lately! Puffy declares himself the king of Westeros, which he’s relocated to somewhere in the Swiss Alps, by perching himself on the infamous Iron Throne.

He also declares himself Ned Stark’s other bastard son by using a motif of wolves by his side throughout the video. Does anyone else feel a name change to Puffy Stark coming on?

3. The Hunger Games

About a minute in, the gist of the video is pretty clear. Diddy is looking for as many compliments as he can get while he’s alive because he’s sitting on the Iron Throne and knows death is lurking on his heels because of what’s happened to the last three people who’ve sat on it! Obviously.

Then two girls with gravity defying hair and chalk white lipstick appear behind Puff and Meek looking like they’ve walked straight out of The Hunger Games’ Capitol, creating an awesome crossover between realms and an exciting plot twist!

4. The Chorus

If you’ve made it through the duration of the video, you’ve realized that the most ridiculous awesome thing about it is the excruciating pain Puff is in every time he sings/screams/says the song’s mantra “I want the love.” You’ve also probably realized it’s the funniest thing in the world. Expect to be singing it for the next three days.

Experience all of the video’s glory below.