Why You Need A Pair Of Black Jeans In Your Life

If you asked me what my favorite wardrobe item is, I’d probably be inclined to say something like my leather jacket or some fabulously over-the-top dress. But honestly? Even these amazing finds can’t compare to what is undoubtedly the MVP of my closet – my black skinny jeans.
I’m not a blue jeans kind of girl. I really never have been. Yeah, I’ll wear them from time to time, particularly a boyfriend or distressed style, but most of my blue denim tends to sit in the drawer. Blame it on the fact that I went to private school and wasn’t allowed to wear jeans during the week until I entered college. Or maybe my lack of enthusiasm for blue jeans comes from the fact that I live for the superior (but often overshadowed) distant cousin of the blue jean, better known as the black jean.
What makes black jeans better than blue jeans? So many things. I could (and will) give you a few reasons, but you should probably just go out in search of your pair of skinny black jeans to really experience the magic for yourself. Whether you’re a jean devotee or a leggings lover, you’ll soon realize that black jeans offer the best of both worlds.
This pair is my personal savior, but you may have to hunt around a bit for your own perfect pair.
How do I love thee, black jeans? Let me count the ways.
They are so flattering. We all know that black is far and away the most slimming color out there, which is why it baffles me that more people aren’t loving black jeans. They make your legs look sleek and long and amazing. Regardless of your body type, black jeans will look completely fabulous on you.
They can be formal. You can’t wear blue jeans for a lot of events but black jeans are the perfect item to bridge the gap between super casual and a bit more formal. You can probably get away with wearing these to work. You know how dark-wash jeans look so much nicer than light-wash jeans do? Yeah, it’s like another layer on top of that.
They can double as pants. If you select a really dark, solid-colored pair without any fading, you can likely make people believe your wearing pants. Just be sure to select a pair that doesn’t have obvious seams and cover the waistband with a longer top. Wear them to events were you’re not allowed to wear jeans and feel super cheeky.
They’re versatile. You can dress them down the way you’d wear leggings – with an oversized top and boots or dress them up. Or try adding a pretty tank top and pumps for a look that will take you to a hot club.
The color doesn’t change over time. You know how jeans fade a lot over time? If you score a good quality pair of black denim, they’ll retain their shade. It’s a thing of beauty.

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