28 Important Life Lessons We Learned From Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

It’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s birthday today, marking 28 years of them gracing the world with their presence and filling our lives with lessons of wisdom and moments of inspiration. I used to have a book all about Mary-Kate and Ashley and their style advice when I was younger, and it was awesome. It had loads of tips on finding the right haircut for your face shape and how to find the perfect shirt to color-coordinate with your twin. This sat proudly next to my large VHS collection of Olsen twin movies, re-watched every time I was sad or bored and just wanted to momentarily escape to Paris or Australia and experience fun and ridiculous escapades.
Mary-Kate and Ashley movies were life-changing. They taught us everything about interacting with guys and outwitting random evil people. They taught us about travel, and vespas, and that the best partner in crime will always be a twin.
In honor of their 28th birthday, here are 28 of the best, most important life lessons we learned from their numerous movies and TV shows. We definitely recommend celebrating the day by clicking through the gallery while watching ‘When in Rome’ and wearing a peasant top/crimping your hair.

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