5 Reasons Why Johnny from “Dirty Dancing” is Channing Tatum’s Spirit Animal

Man, you gotta love the Internet. It’s just one big web-based gift that keeps on giving. So as you all may know, 22 Jump Street is out this weekend – and the world is on Tatum overload. With all of his interviews and TV appearances this week, we’ve been paying even more attention to our favorite bae with a baby. Somehow, we found this clip of Channing as Johnny from Dirty Dancing – wig and all.

In short, it’s pretty amazing. Paired with painfully (and purposely) cheesy acting and comedian Charlyne Yi’s awful blonde wig, any excuse to see Channing do his thing on the dance floor is a good one. But it got us thinking about the now-obvious similarities between Channing and Johnny. I mean, why didn’t anyone see this before?! The muscles, the moves, the machismo – it all makes perfect, perfect sense.

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