Throw The Best “Game of Thrones” Finale Pinterest-Powered Party In All the Land

If you’re a GoT devotee, chances are that you’re pretty bummed about tomorrow’s final episode. Just when things were getting good, right? The Independent says that the creators are billing it as the “finest hour” of the show ever produced – and spoiler alert, will be blood. Even though you’ll probably spend your Sunday firing off your teary tweets and RIP Facebook statuses, the finale is still a great excuse to have a little bit of fun. The craftionistas of Pinterest, as always, have a few ideas up their DIY-studded sleeves. Why not take the opportunity to throw a Thrones sendoff soirée? We won’t see season five until next April (ugh), so now’s the time to live it up, Westeros-style.

Start with the drinks, duh. Heaping Spoonful has 10 handy recipes for series-inspired cocktails.

heaping spoonful
[Image via Heaping Spoonful/Pinterest]
The Red Priestess is my favorite…it’s pretty with a punch.

red priestess [Image via Heaping Spoonful/Pinterest]

If you feel like breaking out the CrockPot, A Year of Slow Cooking has a recipe for mulled red wine. Just turn your AC extra high, and it’ll be like winter. Or something.

crockpot [Image via Katt Ginsky-White/Pinterest]

And now for the nibbles. We’re always here for anything sweet, salty and bite-sized …so basically, we’re always here for anything. Luckily, there are plenty of menu ideas for the baby Giadas and the basics. Feeling fancy? Try In At the Crossroads’ honeyed chicken, which makes me want to gnaw through my laptop screen as I type this. OMG.

[Image via Megan Wilson/Pinterest]
But if you don’t love your friends THAT much, throw some dips on the table and call it a day, bae. We won’t judge at all. Karen Hapli did it, and we love her for it! Check out the way she does dip.

onion knight molten gol imp shrimp [Images via Karen Hapli/Pinterest]

You can’t have a party without the cake, though. There are a plethora of adorable GoT-themed pastries…and cake toppers, for the lazy hosts and hostesses.

[Image via Spring Stearms/Pinterest]

horse heart[Image via Karen Hapli/Pinterest] cake toppers

[Image via Denise McMahon/Pinterest]

kingslayer7[Image via]
cream tarts

[Image via Ashley McCarthy/Pinterest]
Have fun, y’all!
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