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5 Online Dating Apps and Sites for Girls and Guys Who Are Over the Bulls**t


dating lead

Can I be open with y’all and admit that I’m so f*cking over dating? No, but really. I’m sick of the chase. Sick of getting my hopes up. Sick of waiting by my phone for some guy’s call/text/unwarranted sext and having to reply on a delay because that’s what desirable girls do. Sick of sifting through Tinder matches who don’t message and OkCupid prospects who don’t have aspirations. I. Am so. Over. It all.

Right now, I have nothing going on in terms of my love/like/mild interest life…and I’m totally fine with that. My feelings were particularly crushed a few weeks ago, so I’m taking it easy. No cutie runs, no online dating, no prolonged eye contact on the subway – I vowed to keep my hands clean from it all. But technology’s making me rethink that solemn promise to myself.

Developers hear my pain, as well as the pain of struggling single ladies (and men) all over. Online dating can be some bullshit, yes. But if the Internet Gawds can make it easier to deal with (meaning more catches and less creeps), then maybe – just maybe – I can dip a toe or two back into the proverbial pool.

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