18 2014 FIFA World Cup Inspired Nails

The 2014 FIFA World Cup has begun in Brazil and I don’t know about you but I have no plans on pretending like I have any idea about what’s going on. I have never once paid any attention to soccer, sports just aren’t my jam, but I am sure you can imagine that it’s all anyone can talk about. Some of you are¬†football¬†fans, I am sure, and maybe some cool nail art is a great way to show your allegiances but for the rest of us, I say we use nail art to deflect from conversations about soccer.

“Who are you rooting for in the World Cup?”

“The World Cup, yeah, my nails are totally inspired by the World Cup. Look, it’s Brazil!”

“So have you been watching?”

“Have I been watching the World Cup? My nails are totally inspired by the World Cup!”

Works like a charm.

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