5 TV Characters Dying for a Fashion Makeover

When it comes to creating the fictional life of a TV character, there’s a lot that must be taken into account. Wardrobe may not seem like a huge piece of the puzzle but trust me, it is. The way a character dresses influences the way you perceive him or her. It even says a thing or two about that character’s state of mind in a particular scene.

Now, I’m not saying I’m a professional costume designer or anything, but I do like to think I have all the makings of one – I mean, I watch a ton of TV and I like clothes, so those are pretty much the only two topics I seem to be well-versed in these days. There are a few characters on the small screen whom I would just love to get my hands on and makeover.

You’ll notice a theme here: I think every single character on this list dresses better in real life than he or she does onscreen. I’m not saying that each character should be celebrity-level fashionable, I’m just saying: Improvements could be made.


Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy ProjectOh, Mindy. I just can’t get enough of you. I think this character is just a straight-up riot, and I firmly believe that her (sometimes ridiculous) wardrobe plays into the humor of the whole show. With that being said, I’d love to get my hands on the character. I’d keep the quirk, just do it in a different way. I’d give Mindy some statement tops, colored jeans and kitschy little purses. Essentially, I’d make her less kindergarten teacher and more Mindy Kaling. Because let’s face it, Mindy IRL is kind of a fashion badass.


Emily Fields, Pretty Little Liars: Personally Emily’s style happens to my favorite on the show. I mean, Hanna and Aria always have way too much going on and Spencer just reminds me too much of the girls I went to high school with (at least in the sartorial sense). With that being said, I wish they would stop taking Emily’s wardrobe in such a masculine direction because lesbian does not equal androgynous. Put her in a damn pair of heels once in a while. Glam this girl up because Shay Mitchell can handle glam better than any other girl on the cast. I’d also love to make over Hanna’s character because Ashley Benson handles edge better than any of the other girls. Maybe they should switch wardrobes?


Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries: Ugh. Elena’s wardrobe is about as exciting as Elena’s character. Which is so boring that I would probably fall asleep before the credits roll if it weren’t for the fine work of Salvatore brothers. Elena’s portrayer, Nina Dobrev is gorgeous and every dude ever is obsessed with her and I’d love to give her a more contemporary wardrobe to fit this. Nothing too crazy, just some skinny jeans and cool printed tops. Maybe a romper or something crazy like that. I don’t know. Just stop it with the solid-colored sweaters, Elena.


Jess Day, New GirlBecause as much as I enjoy this show, I can’t help but feel a bit dizzy when the main bounces onscreen in one of her cutesy little getups. The polka dots need to go. Frankly I’m surprised Cece hasn’t righted this situation yet. I would just love to get Jess dressing like, ya know, a woman her own age.


Artie Abrams, Glee: Would you look at that? A guy makes it on to the list. Now, Artie’s super dorky wardrobe really worked at the beginning of Glee. It represented his shy, insecure personality so well. Now that the character has gained some confidence, though, I would love to see him dressing with that confidence. Kevin McHale, the guy who plays Artie, is super stylish. He really has that nerdy/chic style that would be perfect for the character. If I can’t do it, maybe Kurt should make over Artie the way he transformed Rachel.

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