Are You A Recent Grad? It’s Time to Face These 7 Hard Truths

Here it is, that dreaded limbo period you’ve been avoiding. School is done, but what comes next? How are you expected to make the leap into the real world unguided? Well, luckily we have a few hard truths to show you, just so you can be a little more prepared for what’s to come.

1. Move in or move home?

To save money and limit your freedom, or be independent and stay poor? That is the question. If your parents are willing to take you, maybe run home for free meals cheap living while you find a job. But if you want to try and maintain your hard-fought freedom, try and get some friends together and find a small cheap place to start with.

2. What is this ‘job’ thing you speak of?

Let’s face it, finding a job is difficult. Prepare to spend hours searching for graduate jobs, update your resume and filling in application forms. Yes, it gets frustrating, but you can do this all from the comfort of your own sofa with a cold beer in hand and Jersey Shore on in the background. It’ll be worth it, we promise.

3. It’s time to set a bedtime

Graduate, meet 6am, your newest buddy. Unfortunately your new friend means that you’ll have to reduce how often you Netflix binge until 2am, because sometimes coffee won’t fill that void. Try to regularise your sleeping pattern by having an early bedtime, just so those early mornings aren’t so vicious.

4. Your holiday allowance is precious

Depending on your job, you may not even get two weeks off a year. So savour those weekends and public holidays by doing your favourite things; be it catching up with friends, practising your hobby or even sleeping.

5. *whispers* you have debts to repay

What was that? Debts? Never heard of it. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for some, as last year almost 20% of college students paid for their degrees using federal loans. But with the possibility of Obama’s new Pay As You Earn scheme, your debts may not be so looming. Just remember they’re there before you max out your second credit card on shoes.

6. You’ll need a whole new wardrobe

For many people, college will have been a catwalk of casual boyfriend outfits, especially for those early starts. But now, every day is an early start, and you’ll probably have to dress well. Those two nice shirts won’t last long, so once you’ve gauged the dress code, hit the shops immediately.

7. Cut back on your student habits

This is surely a given, but rolling into work in your PJs is not going to be acceptable. Why not start to take pride in your personal appearance and learn to iron (iron, v. /aɪən/: to make clothes flat and smooth using an iron)? Plus, now you’re out of education and a fully-fledged adult (weird, right?) you’ll need to start keeping on top of your washing up and laundry. It’ll be really difficult to find accepting housemates if these habits continue. And there are only so many times you can turn your underwear inside out.

Lizzi is a student at the University of Sussex in the UK and a part-time Marketing Assistant at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau. She writes fun and insightful content across the student and graduate market, as well as being a keen music journalist across a few online zines. You’ll probably find her at a gig, watching Gilmore Girls or drinking tea from a plate. Twitter: @LizziYes

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