How To Avoid Game of Thrones Finale Spoilers (Or Any Spoilers Really)

First of all, just kill yourself because this is one of the few unattainable goals in life. The goal of avoiding spoilers from your favorite TV shows is only possible though death. Perhaps you know some secrets of the universe and can die then reincarnate yourself when you’re ready to watch your fave show but unless you do, expect that you will fail this mission. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Game of Thrones, like many of the high brow, grim shows on TV, is a show where they kill all your faves. They make you love somebody just to brutally and violently take them away. Everyone’s life on the show is buffering until they get the axe. A glance at the wrong Tumblr post and your entire world can be rocked if you aren’t all caught up.

When your favorite show airs but you’re not ready to watch, what do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?

Step 1.) Do not talk to any human beings? HUMAN BEINGS KNOW WHAT HAPPENED ON GoT. Avoid them. Animals are fine.

Step 2.) If you must talk to human beings: preface every conversation with: “I’mnotcaughtuponGameofThronesyet.Nospoilers.” You must say the phrase as quickly as possible. You must say it before you even say, “Hi.”

Step 3.) Avoid social media. Tumblr is by far the worst offender. People will create GIFs of your favorite character’s death. It’s basically watching the scene with no context and only spoilers. Twitter will get you with user statuses like “RIP XYZ” and headlines can even ruin the show too. Just don’t go on social media until you’ve seen the show.

Step 4.) If you must go on social media use Unspoiler. Unspoiler is an app that will block the name of any TV show from your social media. It will literally black out the name!’

Step 5.) Watch the show as soon as possible. The sooner you watch it the less chances there are of it being ruined.

Step 6.) Accept that you will fail. That it is inevitable. Your favorite character will die and it will be the biggest news of the century the next day. Just cry it out.

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