18 Celebrities Wear The Commando Dress. Would You Do It?

The whole world made a big deal about Kendall Jenner turning up to the Much Music Video Awards in a “look at my vagina edges” dress. It was probably because the media loves making a big deal about anything Kardashian related. Celebrities have been wearing the “I can see your uterus,” cutout dress for a while. I don’t particularly have a problem with it. I mean, if I looked like Jennifer Lawrence or Rihanna in a dress that shows off my bikini line then I’d probably wear it too. Now, obviously, these kinds of dresses aren’t the kind you wear to the park or you mom’s birthday party. They are special ocassion gowns that are precisely cut and tailored to these celebs’ bodies. In the off chance that you, dear reader, are a bazillionaire, I’d like to know your thoughts. Is it chic? Or kinda weird?
I don’t think the dress is anymore gratuitous than the pasties look, which to me isn’t problematic. The women rocking this look do it well. I just can’t help but imagine what it feels like to sit down. I can’t imagine what happens when there is a gust of wind. Could you sit down on public transportation in one of these gowns? What if your hoo-ha starts to, um, sweat. Can people smell your bits?
There was that whole Iggy Azalea incident . . . eeeep.

 I want to know: do you approve of the commando dress?
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