Sarah Jessica Parker Admits That Hollywood Bodies Are Literally Unattainable

Sarah Jessica Parker, formerly known as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and The City, admitted that hollywood bodies, including her own, should not be examples for the average person.

” … No real woman should look to any woman in this industry as an example. It’s simply not applicable because of the enormous number of advantages we have.¬†Women in this country should be reminded to be healthy rather than to be a size zero. I’m not going to kid you: Money changes everything. I’m fortunate enough to have things like private trainers and yoga classes. I realize that.”

The point she is making is not one that a lot of people like to make or ever acknowledge. Being fit, healthy and in shape costs money. Not just because you need a private trainer or organic food but because you need time. Poor people work the longest hours. Yes, sometimes actors work 18 hour days but those periods of hard work are followed by long vacations (and probably include working out). The more leisure time you have the more you can devote that time to planning meals, planning exercise, planning your health and well-being.
When you have 20 minutes to get from one job to the next or one class to the next, convenience and price is your priority. It’s also a lot more difficult to stray from your dietary needs if you have a cook preparing your meals for you. Money changes everything, Sarah Jessica Parker is right, because it can afford you the amenities and time that is necessary to be health conscious. I can’t afford health insurance but I am supposed to pay $100+ for a monthly gym membership? Conventional beauty cost money in many ways and it’s refreshing to hear someone who knows she is privileged and lucky talk about it.

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