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The Best Sex Position for Your Astrological Sign


The Best Sex Position for Your Astrological Sign

Here at CollegeCandy we love astrology. We habitually check our monthly Susan Miller readings, our weekly Chani readings and have been known to stalk Twitter for a bit of daily astro insight. Being devout followers of the stars, we never underestimate any guidance they may offer.

Surprisingly, I’ve noticed that astrologists get a little quiet when it comes to sex advice. I mean, if you can tell me what job I should have, what health problems to look out for and what sign my ideal mate is, then why can’t you tell me how best to put some dang moves on said mate (without breaking a hip, my sign is notorious for having bone density problems)?

It’s for this reason that I’ve rolled up my sleeves and put my years of horoscope reading to good use! Have you been wondering why doggy style just doesn’t do it for you? Or why your Libra¬†boyfriend keeps trying to make your legs do things they weren’t meant to? Here you’ll find sex tips and position suggestions for each sign, so get ready for your sex life to be thrown into a whole new universe of awesome.


As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are born leaders. With an abundance of self confidence and the motivation to take initiative in most any situation, there aren’t many things you’re not afraid to try sexually. Being outspoken in bed is not a problem for you, but keep in mind that your partner might need some easing into the daring suggestions you make. Given your adventurous nature and fearless attitude, the best sex position for you is The Head Game.


Tauruses are by nature very cautious and pragmatic individuals. You have a taste for the finer things in life and believe in having a few well-made possessions instead of many cheaply made ones. It’s for this reason I would not suggest you frequently partake in one night stands. The meaninglessness of the situation will leave you feeling empty. Instead, find a partner you trust and focus on building a strong sexual rapport. Classic missionary is your best bet, especially if you get down on some silky sheets.


Gemini thrive when they are able to express themselves fully. You are the best communicator of all the signs and would do well to find a partner who can reciprocate your openness. Sexually, you are all about vitality and stimulation. The word Gemini is Latin for “twins” and I would encourage you to find some…twins, that is. The best sex tip I can offer you is to indulge in a threesome — no position is off limits.


As a water sign, Cancers are very emotional. You crave intimacy and know the difference between a casual hookup and a partner with potential. You are sensitive to the environment around you, and as such your intuition is always on-point. While you yourself might not embrace walking on the wild side, you always seem to be attracted to the bad boy. Try a position like the Face-to-Face Fandango. It will satisfy your need for intimacy while still making you feel like a sexual stuntman.


Well hello, Leo, you beautiful sign you! You are by far the most outgoing sign of the zodiac. You love the company of others and strive to always be “on” — the more focus on you, the better, and that focus is always positive and full of praise. Because of this, you have a competitive nature and can’t stand to see someone one-up your fabulousness. In bed, try a position that is sure to make your partner remember the experience (in the best way possible). I love the Mission Control for you because it puts you in charge!


You are known to strive for perfection and have a highly analytical mind, dear Virgo. You are precise and demanding in all that you do, and sometimes you notice this spilling over to your sex life. You are a giver and hold yourself to the highest standard. Because of this, I suggest you hone your oral sex skills. Just make sure you’re outspoken about receiving as much as you give! Your lover should never try to take advantage of your generous nature.


Libras are natural intellectuals and critical thinkers.¬†Since your ruling planet is Venus, your intelligence is more inviting than off-putting. People are drawn to your wit as well as the warmth you exude. It is important for you to find a partner who can keep up with you both at bar trivia nights and between the sheets. As a nod to your astrological totem, the Scales, I dare you to try The Sexual See-Saw. It’s a balancing act you’ll love!


Scorpios are the sexiest of all the astrological signs. Lucky you! You turn heads whenever you walk into a room and easily feel sexy in something as basic as an over-size frat tee. Your most powerful physical trait is your gaze — your eyes have been known to hypnotize lovers with a single glance. As such, sex positions where eye contact can be easily maintained are best for you. The Face-to-Face was practically made for Scorpios!


Sagittarians have the benefit of being both confident and contagiously positive. Your lovers instantly feel comfortable around you and know you won’t laugh if a riskier sex move doesn’t exactly goes as planned. With the centaur as your astrological totem, I’d encourage you to get in touch with your animalistic side and partake in a little doggy style. It’ll be anything but vanilla when you’re the one calling the shots!


Capricorns are not afraid of a little hard work. You are the most down-to-earth of all the signs and tend to shy away from risky situations. You appreciate a partner you can count on to be there in the morning. Be careful of boring your partner, however, with the same ol’ moves all the time. While you appreciate predictability, other signs may look for excitement elsewhere. A position like the Carnal Crisscross is the best of both worlds for Capricorns and their partners!


You thrive on being different, dear Aquarius! Nothing gets you more angry than discovering six other people at the party are wearing your same outfit. You are a trend setter and a pusher of boundaries. The best partner for you is someone who doesn’t try to compete or overshadow your unique flair. Find someone who can step aside and let you shine! Your perfect sex position is anything that puts you on top!


Pisces are the sensitive souls of the zodiac. You value heartfelt conversation and a true connection with your lover. Since Pisces is a water sign with a Fish totem, is it any surprise that a little Stand and Deliver in the shower is your best position? Find a partner who values some pillow-talk afterwards and you’ll be well on your way to sexual bliss!

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Heather is a senior at FIT majoring in Visual Presentation and Exhibit Design (try saying that five times fast...while you've got a martini in your hand). The best sext she ever sent read, "I'm trying to have a romantic moment and you keep talking about your boner." She hopes to write even better things here.