Hooking Up With Your Prof Is Weird But Is It Wrong?

Syracuse University fired a professor for having a relationship with his student. The relationship was consensual and because the student was at university we can assume they were 18+. When you’re 18 you are legally free to date whomever you want, even if that person is significantly older and causes people to raise their eyebrows.
I am generally uncomfortable with relationships where one party is very young and the other is very old. There is a huge difference in maturation between 18 and 40, whereas it’s totally fine (in  my head) for a 30-year-old to date a 52-year-old. The age difference is the same but in one case one of the party’s life experience is duly lacking and in the other, respectively, both parties have lived long enough to have seen and done things. When you add power, like a student-teacher dynamic, that further complicates things. Nevertheless, because it is legal and because I know of couples with a similar age difference that functioned properly, where no one was being taken advantage of, my uncomfortableness is kind of my personal issue. When looking at couples with an age disparity, I think it’s essential to look at them on a case by case basis instead of making sweeping generalizations. Some young people are very precocious and some 19-year-olds have been through more than 30-year-olds.
If a student is dating a professor, I am probably going to give that professor side-eye. Is she getting special treatment from him? Is he being extra tough on her to overcompensate? Is she using him? Is she being taken advantage of? 
At the end of the day, the two people are consenting adults and those seem like matters that they should come to terms with on their own. That’s my logical conclusion but still, emotionally, I’d be giving that professor side eye (no matter what the genders were). Nevertheless, I don’t think policies should be grounded in our emotional responses or what makes us “uncomfortable.”
The professor who engaged in a consensual relationship was fired and stripped of his tenure. According to Syracuse Chancellor, Kent Syverud, this was after a series of hearings and procedures. We’ll never know the content of those meetings and it is unclear if Syracuse has a strict policy against cavorting with students. Maybe they found good cause. We don’t know.
So I ask you, generally speaking, is it OK for a student to hookup with his or her professor, even if there is an enormous age difference, because they are both legal consenting adults? What do you think and how do you feel?

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