Do What You Can, Leave the Rest [Twenty-Something Rules]

I’m a very caring person. I’m a woman, so my natural maternal drive + sweet combination of raging estrogen gives a shit about everything and everyone. It’s an admirable trait to have, don’t get me wrong. I want to be there for my friends, boyfriend and family always. I want to share my empathy with them, listen to them and try to make things a walk in the park for them.
Sometimes, I need to take a step back, do what I can and leave them be. It’s physically impossible to be everyone’s therapist and saint. I’m not going to make everyone feel like a the Beyonce-rule-the-world all the time.
From one fellow twenty-something to another, let’s do what we can and leave the rest.
Rule #127: Only give advice if someone asks for it.
The best thing you can do for anyone is listen. And let me tell you, listening can be a tough thing. Shut your mouth and let people talk it out (woah, realizing this was a slightly brutally structured sentence). If they ask for your opinion, then take a deep breath and go for it.
Rule #128: Try not to talk negatively about people.
I’ve been working on this a lot lately. High school taught me a few things: a kiss by my locker would be the best thing that ever happened to me and gossiping about people gives you a ridiculous and stupid high. However, talking about others negatively isn’t really worth it. It lights a fire in your belly about false human attributes and makes you hate people for no reason. Be quiet and be kind.
Rule #129: Know when to leave the party.
I’m so sad to admit this, but I got this one from Simon Cowell. And it makes sense. Know when to make your exit: at a party, in a relationship, in an argument. Walking away from something at the right time can do you wonders. Oh, and what good comes out of the hours 3am-8am anyway?
Rule #130: Simplicity always wins.
I am HAPPY to admit this, because I got this one from the saucy and incredibly ad savvy Don Draper. Simple is powerful,: a black dress with black pumps, a three-worded headline, a smile, a piece of toast with butter on it…(ok, I’m definitely hungry). Either way, practice simplicity in your every day. It’s easy, effortless and might make you think of Don Draper from now on.
Rule #131: Don’t get embarrassed singing Mariah Carey in traffic.

I often hide my face when I’m belting “Honey” in my car. Don’t. Let those pipes bounce off your car windows and God Bless the one that sees you!
Rule #132: Moisturize your hands.
You don’t want scary, veiny, wrinkly hands at 30, do you, Smeagol?
Rule #133: Don’t let others steal your gleaming sparkle.
This rule is one of the toughest ones. Why? It’s very easy to be extremely affected by the ones you love or (unfortunately) the ones you hate. I have a simple solution for you: be kind and leave the ones that wrong you more than twice. That mantra is EASIER preached than practiced. But do your best to try.

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