How To Deal With An "End Of The Semester Fling" Over The Summer

Do you ever feel like relationships seem to form at the most inconvenient times ever? If you’ve been a victim of a wrong-time-romance, then you are probably familiar with the “end of the year fling.” A classic, very common example of a wrong time, wrong place kind of relationship.
Now that summer is finally here, you may be dealing with the aftermath of a relationship that hardly even started. So, what now? What will this relationship turn into? We’re here to help you both identify and deal with the “end of the year fling,” one step at a time.
As the end of the school year begins to approach, it doesn’t take much for a guy to realize one of three things:

1. I kind of want a girlfriend.

2.. A lot of my friends are hanging out with a girl, I think I might want to.

3. I’m horny.

Not every guy is looking for a girlfriend when the summer is about to begin. Once the school year is coming to a close you will start to notice, however, that a lot of guys are looking for a girl to “spend some time with”.
We’ve all been there. There’s a guy you’ve previously had no sexual interest in whatsoever, maybe he’s a close friend or even just an acquaintance. But as soon as he starts to show you some end of the year attention, he suddenly looks all shiny and new.
Your first thought is to let it go or simply ignore him. Why would you get involved with someone in any way, shape or form, right before the semester is over? On the contrary, it wouldn’t hurt to loosen up and have some fun. It could just be a little fling that ends before it even begins.
Though this may sound appealing, by the last week of school you are face-to-face with a “What the fuck am I going to do!?” situation. Now that you’ve started talking to this guy and maybe even developed some feelings, there isn’t a clear label to state what you two are and what you are going to be once the summer begins. And if he’s like most guys, he won’t want to talk about it either.
You guys aren’t seriously dating or anything, but you do like spending time together, and you are talking on a pretty regular basis. Sound familiar? You have now identified what an end of the year fling actually is.
So, what do you do now that it’s summer?
Unless you see a serious future with this guy, you do nothing. Yes, you read that right, you do nothing.
Don’t try to have the “what are we,” conversation. It will do nothing but push him away or freak him out. If you didn’t have much interest in this guy to begin with, this shouldn’t be too difficult!
Now that it’s Summer, don’t go out of your way to reach out to him all of the time. If you are living-up the summer to its full potential, you should be too busy working, visiting friends and family, going out, or traveling to be thinking about him 24/7.
If he reaches out to you, respond. If he doesn’t, reach out to him only when necessary. This is not playing hard to get or playing games, this is simply keeping busy and just doing your own thing.
Don’t completely ignore the poor guy, just go on about your life the way you would have if you two had never started anything. This way, if he truly cares about you, you will see how hard he tries to communicate with you when you two aren’t physically together. This will also help making your decision on what to do about the relationship when you return to school for another semester a hell of a lot easier.
If it dies out over the summer or he only texts or calls you when he’s drunk, it truly was…just a fling.
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