The 10 Things You Need To Pack For Weekend Getaway

One of the greatest things about summer – besides the gorgeous sunlight and constant partying, of course – is the fact that everyone just gets spontaneous during the season.
Any given weekend could easily turn into a chance for a road trip or an impromptu weekend away – which is just plain awesome, but since it usually happens so suddenly, packing for a weekend getaway can be slightly stressful. Especially because ain’t nobody trying to lug around a huge suitcase on a hot day.
The trick is to be prepared – you can easily pack for a summer weekend away in half an hour; it’s just about having a good idea of what you’ll need. So without further ado, let’s discuss the ten items you’ll need to pack for a your summer weekend getaway.
Flip flops: They aren’t super fashionable, but they are easy to pack and slip on if you end up at the beach or pool. The over reason flippies made the list? Because they really come in handy if you end up staying somewhere questionable and don’t want to enter the bathroom barefoot. Can you say shower shoes?
Jeans: No one likes to think about the possibility of cool weather, but let’s face it – it could happen, especially with the erratic weather we’ve been having. Be prepared by tossing some jeans into your suitcase. Wear a hoodie while traveling for this reason.
A hat: Whether it’s a fedora or a fun baseball cap, be sure to toss one topper in your bag. Bad hair days are a very real problem.
Some comfortable shorts: Leave those too-tight denim shorts at home. Pack a pair that’s both cute and comfortable because you’ll likely want to run around in these all day.
A versatile dress: Dresses are so easy to just throw on and go. By packing one that can be dressed up or down – like a plain black one or a skater dress – you’ll be prepared for whatever you end up doing.
Some heels: You might end up going somewhere nicer when you’re on your trips. Heels are essential – you can definitely make a cute, fancy-ish outfit by combining the clothes you packed and adding a neutral pair of heels – maybe black pumps or nude cage sandals.
Sunglasses: Because duh.
A solid tee: A great black or white tee can be combined with so many other pieces. This will be a canvas for whatever look you need to create.
A statement necklace: This piece will allow you to change up your look instantly. Pack on or two chunky necklaces to dress up the simplest outfit.
A bathing suit: You never know when you’ll end up swimming (trips to a big city often turn into pool parties at your hotel even if there’s no beach in sight.) Be prepared by throwing the one suit that looks good on you no matter what into the mix. My motto? Never travel without a swimsuit, regardless of season.
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