What Guys Think Your Bikini Wax Says About You

Tis the season to wear short shorts and bikini bottoms like it ain’t no thang. As such, for most of us bikini waxing becomes an integral part of our summer beauty routine. And just like a good statement manicure, bikini waxes offer no shortage of opportunities to let your personality shine through.
How far on the wild side will you be walking waxing this summer? We talked to a few guys who weighed in on what goes through their head when they see your bikini wax. Their insights will undoubtedly make you laugh, and just might offer up a few surprises as well.
All Natural
If a guy can get some booty, he usually doesn’t care what’s happening south of the border, but that doesn’t mean he’s not paying attention. A woman who lets her forest grow wild is either totally inexperienced in the bedroom or super hippie-dippie-trippie and lets that stuff grow everywhere. “I’m afraid to see what her armpits look like,” says dude #1.
If you’re daring enough to go totally bare (and I commend you – OUCH!), guys don’t really know what to think. “I feel like a pedophile when there’s nothing down there,” said one guy. Another can’t stop wondering if it was a “shaving incident gone awry.” But there are some that like it. Guy #2 explained: “I’m much more willing to take myself downtown if there is no worry of coughing up a hairball later. And a girl who gets rid of it all is most definitely a freak in the sheets.”
Bikini Line
So, you take care of anything that might poke out of the bikini bottoms and do some basic trimming everywhere else. What does this say? “She’s considerate, but probably not going to let me flip her around in bed.”
Landing Strip
Leaving a little patch is a big turn on for guys. Duh. Dude numero 3 tells me: “She takes care of herself and knows what a guy wants. I’d be willing to ask for some more adventurous sexcapades from her.” Dude #1 chimes in, “The landing strip is the holy grail. When I discover it, I almost can’t control myself. Instant turn on.” (As if he really needed one at that point…)
Colors and Shapes
Yes, there are women out there who treat their vajays like a work of art. Butterflies, hearts and arrows (?!) are some of the more common shapes women will shave into their nether regions. But what do guys think? “Do not enter. That woman gets around.”Guy #3 agreed: “Like a hot dog in a diseased hallway.”
[Lead image via Ramon grosso dolarea/Shutterstock]

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