Recent Grads Too Broke to Live, But Non-Grads Need a Degree. Tf? :(

College news hasn’t necessarily been the best news lately. it seems like the odds are generally stacked against us students and recent grads. With the economy still in recovery, it doesn’t seem like there’s much room for the new class of working professionals – one that has thousands of 2014 graduates. And yeah, the May unemployment rate stayed at 6.3 percent and employers may have hired 217,000 workers…but those jobs are more likely to go to candidates with fuller resumes versus neophytes like us. Ugh. Out of frustration, I once asked my dad what the point of college was. All this work and no guarantee of a job just seemed like a huge waste of time. He explained that with the job market the way that it is now, that little piece of paper holds a lot of weight. It’s not impossible for someone who opted not to go to/finish college to have a career (ummm…Kanye?), but the Tennessean says that “things are even tougher for those with no college education” and says that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics “projects faster growth for jobs that require at least post-secondary education by 2022.” Don’t withdraw just yet, college dropettes. But on the other hand, The New York Post says that the sucky job market prevents us millenials from launching our lives – you know…owning our own homes, getting married, having kids. Citing a survey from the Arizona Pathways to Life Success for University Students, the Post claims that students feel that “marriage…[and] having children [are] not important life goals” and that home ownership and living alone is “unimportant.” Le sigh. I guess we’re all just damned if we do and damned if we don’t.